Counseling Approach

Adoption / Infertility / Miscarriage I deeply value walking with clients on this challenging journey. As someone who has been there before, I draw on my experience and training to draw you out of isolation & help you find the way forward.

Anger Management often results from feeling disrespected or misunderstood. When we learn to accept and understand ourselves, it often reduces our need to defend and fight; We realize that nothing others say or do can diminish who we truly are. Once we address the root fear of being discovered inadequate, I will work with you to develop anger management strategies and ways to express yourself that are unique to you and the situations you face.

Anxiety & Stress often stem from a difference between who we believe we are and who we want to be. I will work with you to explore the life experiences that have shaped you and affect the way you respond to challenges today. By exploring your identity in the context of your community, family, and faith, we will work together to help you accept and understand yourself.

Addictions are often ways to escape the reality of our own lives or as an outlet for expressing emotions. Combining individual counseling with Alcoholics Anonymous, Sexaholics Anonymous, etc or group therapy can be powerful. Groups keep us accountable while counseling helps us explore individual ways to change. Perhaps there’s something better than the life you are living now; we can work together to discover it!

Career Counseling will explore your career identity in the context of your community, family, and faith (if applicable), while working to accept and understand yourself. Calling is the intersection between your passion and the world’s need. Having worked and studied internationally and domestically, I provide empathy, understanding and experience. I can counsel on the full job search cycle through relevant, real world experience across multiple industries, in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, from both the hiring and job seeker sides.

Caregiver support is key to avoiding burnout. Whether caring for a child, elderly or disabled loved one, learning to care for ourselves will free us to better care for those important to us.

Christian Counseling can be integrated into our work together. I meet clients where they are in faith and in life. Because I respect that everyone’s faith journey is different, I let each client decide how much the Bible and prayer are a part of each session. I have taken several seminary classes and draw on knowledge gained from them when relevant. Whatever issue you face, I will respond with compassion and understanding.

Relationships are often something we enter into with the hope that our significant other will somehow fix areas in lives where we are dissatisfied. Coming to counseling creates a space to explore those expectations. It isn’t just about learning to communicate better, it’s about each partner learning to accept and understand themselves and each other. Meeting each partner where they are allows for both partners to move forward together as a team. As a trained PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator for marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, and dating couples considering
engagement, I use the evidence-based PREPARE relationship inventory to help couples “Explore strength and growth areas; Strengthen communication skills; Identify and manage major stressors; Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model; Develop a more balanced relationship; Explore family of origin issues; Discuss financial planning and budgeting; Establish personal, couple and family goals; Understand and appreciate personality differences,” as described on the Prepare/Enrich website.

Depression often occurs when our existing life does not match our expected life. Feeling trapped, dissatisfied, confused, or anxious can be symptoms of a need to explore more of who we are. We are all in the process of becoming someone and something, whether or not we are aware. I will work with you to explore what is keeping you down and help you decide how you want to proceed.

Grief & Loss involves recognizing and honoring how the person who is now part of your past has shaped your present, positively and negatively. As we work together to integrate significant stories regarding the role that person has played in your life, you can find healing and wholeness.

Racial Identity is the backdrop in which we live our everyday lives. Whether Caucasian, Asian, etc, understanding what cultural values we bring into situations can help us find solutions that work for us.

Transitions, for better or for worse, offer the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves yet. Sometimes we may need help realizing we’re in transition, as well as support through the change process.

Trauma / Abuse unprocessed can replay in our minds and in our lives. Together, we can “organize” and bring insight into the emotions and their effects.

Women & Men can experience significant pressure and expectations to perform or act an acceptable way. E.g., “Men don’t…”, “Women are supposed to…” We will work together to identify and examine what others expect of you and if / how you want to work within those constraints.